• Large Calcium Chloride Tablet Press

    The calcium chloride tablet press can also be used to compress other granular and powder materials in the chemical, electronic, medical, and food industries.

    2021/08/30 TCCA Tablet Press 6543213

  • Use of Large Calcium Chloride Tablet Press (Desiccant Tablet Press) in 450g and 475g Industries

    SHUANGJIA Machinery Technology (Changzhou) Co., LTD developed the tablet press that can press 450g and 475g tablet.

    2021/08/29 calcium chloride tablet press 2147483647

  • Animal Pills Production Equipment: ZPS38-18 Tablet Press Machine

    ZPS38-18 Tablet Press Machine is specially developed for producing animal pills.

    2021/08/24 Tablet Press 2147483647

  • Double-layer Tablet(Double-layer Candy)Forming Machine

    Double-layer Tablet Press is an automatic rotary tablet press with double pressure,which has a high output .

    2021/08/19 zps 3333340

  • 200gr TCCA Double-layer Tablet Press Machine

    The double-layer tablet machine can be used to produce double-layer detergent tablets, double-layer dishwasher tablets, TCCA double-layer tablets and other tablets that require large compression.

    2021/05/18 TCCA tablet press 9995560

  • 300 grams Calcium Hypochlorite Bar Production Line

    The calcium hypochlorite bar tablet press specially developed by our company is the anti-corrosion tablet press with the highest production speed and the highest pressure in the world. It can produce 300gr calcium hypochlorite bar 3600pcs/H.

    2020/11/30 calcium hypochlorite bar 55889990

  • Disinfection Block Tablet Press

    Our large Anti-Corrosion Tablet Press is a rotary tablet press for continuous production, which is mainly used to press the big-diameter disinfection tablets, such as chlorine, bromine, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, cyanuric acid, chlorine dioxide and other chemical tablets.

    2018/08/30 DISINFECTION BLOCK Tablet Press 3222223

  • 200g Chlorine Tablets, 200g TCCA Tablets, 200g SDIC Tablets Production Equipment

    TCCA Tablet Press Machine is suitable for producing chlorine tablets, TCCA tablets, SDIC tablets, etc. The max pressure of ZPS100-10C is 1000KN. Its max production capacity is 6000 pcs/h.

    2018/04/30 TCCA Tablet Press 8899999

  • ZPS80-6AG Veterinary Tablet Press

    ZPS80-6AG Tablet Press machine is equippmed with automatic powder feeder. (Our company developed the mandatory feeding device for veterinary drug manufacturers) Tablet Press machine is equipped with automatic lubrication system. If a fault occurs, there is voice prompt.

    2015/08/30 Veterinary Tablet Press 4322225

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