Gastrodia Elata Tablets Production Equipment: ZPS35D Tablet Press

2007-08-17 09:04:48 ZPS35 3568792

ZPS35D Tablet Press for Producing Gastrodia Elata Tablets

ZPS35D tablet press can be used to produce gastrodia elata tablets. ZPS35D tablet press' working pressure is 80KN. It is capable of producing 134000 pieces of tablets per hour. ZPS35D can press round, square, annular tablets and tablets with logos.

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Technical Parameter of ZPS35D Tablet Press

Number of Dies:35 sets
Max. Working Pressure:80KN
Max. Dia. of Tablet :13mm
Max. Thickness of Tablet:6mm
Max. Depth of Filling:15mm
Max Production Capacity:134000pcs/h
Max. Turntable Rotation Speed:0-32r/min
Diameter of medium mould:26mm
Height of medium mould: 22mm
Diameter of up and down punch pole:22mm
Length of up and down punch pole: 115mm
Overall Size(L*W*H):950*1100*1650mm
Net Weight:1850kg
Main Motor Power:4kw