Veterinary Drugs Production Equipment: ZPS58-11 Tablet Press

2011-01-17 09:10:41 ZPS38-18 3818674

ZPS58-11 Tablet Press for Producing Veterinary Drugs

CHINA Tablet Press

ZPS58-11 Tablet Press is a newly-developed tablet press machine for veterinary drug enterprises. The machine has fast production speed. It is capable of producing 5940 pieces of tablets per hour.

1. Production capacity: 5940 pieces per hour

2. Working pressure: 100KN-450KN

3. Diameter of tablet: 15-58mm

4. Thickness of tablet: 6-20mm

5. ZPS58-11 tablet press machine is equippmed with automatic powder feeder. (Our company developed the mandatory feeding device for veterinary drug manufacturers)

5. ZPS58-11 tablet press machine is equipped with automatic lubrication system. If a fault occurs, there is voice prompt.

6. The drive system of ZPS58-11 tablet press machine is completely enclosed and sealed off from the pressing zone. It is safer.

7. ZPS58-11 tablet press machine is fully contained and it is equipped with an efficient dust collection system.

8. ZPS58-11 tablet press machine is equipped with a full protection system. The machine will stop if it is overloaded.

9. ZPS58-11 tablet press machine operates automatically. It is equipped with an independent touch screen control panel (not connected to the main body of the machine).

10. The hopper is equipped with automatic feeding device. There is voice prompt if it is short of material.

11. ZPS58-11 tablet press machine complies with GMP regulations.

12. It is easy and convenient to maintain and clean the machine.

13. All direct contact part is made of stainless steel 316.