3.33gr SDIC Tablet Press (ZPS35C)

ZP35A Rotary Tablet Press is a double pressure and continuous automatic tablet machine, pressing granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and other industrial sectors, such as chemical, foodstuff, electronics and so on.

  • Model: SDIC
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3.33gr SDIC Tablet Press(ZPS35C)

CHINA Tablet Press

ZPS35C Tablet Press

Technical Parameters

Number of Dies:35 sets

Max. Pressure:100KN

Max. Dia. of Tablet:25mm

Max. Thickness of Tablet: 10mm

Max. Depth of Filling: 22mm

Max Production Capacity: 52500pcs/h

Max. Turntable Rotation Speed: 0-25r/min

Overall Size(L*W*H): 980*980*1750mm

Net Weight:2150 kg

Motor Power: 5.5kw

Mobile phone: +86-519-85112317   0086 136 518 56166

Website: https://www.chinashuangjia.com 

E-mail: dave@chinashuangjia.com  (CEO)

            Fiona@chinashuangjia.com (TCCA/SDIC)

3.33gr SDIC Tablet Press

CHINA Tablet Press

3.33gr SDIC Tablet Press

CHINA Tablet Press

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