(80gr-200gr) SDIC Tablet Press

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  • Model: ZPS80-10B SDIC Tablet Press
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ZPS80-10B SDIC Tablet Press

CHINA Tablet Press

ZP100-10B Chemical powder tablet press is mainly used for chemical powder, bath salt, water purification salt and other corrosive powder pressing and shaping. Rotary automatic anti-corrosion tablet press is used for pressing salt, industrial salt and other corrosive materials.( It can press 200g,150g, 135g, 100g, 80g, 50g, SDIC tablets)

Technical Parameter of ZPS100-10B Large Rotary Tablet Press

Max working pressure: 800KN

Max prepressing pressure: 200KN

Max diameter of tablet: φ80mm

Max thickness of tablet: 28mm

Max depth of filling: 60mm

Dies: 10 sets

Max production capacity: 6000pcs/h

Rotation Speed: 0~10 r/min

Outer diameter of middle mould: φ90mm

Height of middle mould: 70mm

Diameter of upper & down punch : φ80 mm

Motor power: 22kw

Power supply: 380V/50&60 Hz

Machine Weight: 6500kg

Machine overall size: 1750*1350*2280mm (not including hopper)

Mobile phone: +86-519-85112317   0086 136 518 56166

Website: https://www.chinashuangjia.com 

E-mail: dave@chinashuangjia.com  (CEO)

            Fiona@chinashuangjia.com (TCCA/SDIC)

ZPS80-10B SDIC Tablet Press


CHINA Tablet Press

ZPS80-10B SDIC Tablet Press

CHINA Tablet Press